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We specialise in the conversion of vehicles for mobility transport operators and less-abled drivers who want to regain their freedom.

Auto Transform’s ongoing commitment to practical utility and quality workmanship delivers a comfortable and convenient travel experience for wheelchair passengers. We also specialise in converting vehicles for less-abled people who need a self-drive solution.

Recently we began importing the revolutionary VW Caddy, a built-for-purpose mobility vehicle that can be easily customised to suit the individual abilities of each driver. Another recent enhancement to our mobility services is the introduction of our Driver Test Station, which allows occupational therapists to accurately assess a driver’s ability and prescribe vehicle modifications.


“I always do recommend your products and services. We get quite a few people starting up with Total Mobility and they say ‘where do we go’. I always give them your number, and that’s because of the knowledge, service and customisation. We are more than happy what you at Auto Transform do.”
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The VW Caddy Mobility is a wheelchair-accessible vehicle engineered to accommodate individual needs.

One of the most important features of the Caddy is the large dimensions of the rear opening, which makes wheelchair access easy. A gently sloping ramp allows the wheelchair to roll up to either a passenger or driver position, depending on your requirements.

The VW Caddy Mobility has a safety lock, which locks doors automatically when the vehicle is travelling at more than 15kph.

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We assist taxi and transport operators, retirement homes, schools and hospitals with wheelchair-accessible passenger vehicles.

Auto Transform’s mobility transport solutions can include a hoist and accommodation for wheelchair passengers, as well as standard seating for able-bodied passengers. Using our 3D scanner and CAD design capability, we develop a solution using world-leading componentry that can be trusted to perform reliably for years. We’re able to offer complete maintenance and repair backup for every vehicle we transform. After-sales support is provided through our nationwide network of service professionals.

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Less-abled drivers can have the independence and freedom they want with an Auto Transform self-drive mobility vehicle.

Helping less-abled drivers to become independent on the road is one of our greatest satisfactions. Auto Transform’s mobility experts work closely with occupational therapists to identify each driver’s requirements before customising their chosen vehicle. Because self-drive solutions often involve ACC input, we have systems and protocols in place to help streamline the funding approval process. The latest self-drive mobility vehicles don’t require the driver to transfer from wheelchair to driver’s seat – the wheelchair becomes the driver’s seat.


Our Swedish-made Driver Test Station (DTS) is a measuring tool for conducting qualified tests of a person’s physical driving ability.

Newly arrived at Auto Transform, the DTS is used by occupational therapists for testing basic functions - such as steering, acceleration and braking – to ensure a driver is able to drive a vehicle safely. Using the test report data, it is easier to make an accurate evaluation of the type of adaptation and car model that will be best suited to the driver.

The driver being tested can feel reassured that the results have been reached objectively, and mobility funders can be confident that drivers will be genuinely able to use the adapted vehicle.

Our DTS unit is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. Our in-house expert trains occupational therapists in its use. It is important to bear in mind that the DTS does not test the mental qualities required of a driver, just the physical abilities.

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What makes Auto Transform the leading vehicle transformation company in New Zealand?

  1. Vehicle fitout experience


    We’ve been customising commercial, passenger and mobility vehicles since 1990, when the company started life as Van Extras. Nobody knows more about vehicle transformation than us. Our people are multi-skilled, which allows us to complete projects quickly, efficiently and expertly every time.

  2. Vehicle fitout Auckland


    Opened in 2014, our facility in Wiri was built from the ground up to be the ultimate vehicle transformation destination. From what we’ve seen, there’s nothing like it in Australasia.

    Guided by lean manufacturing principles, which reduce time and materials wastage, our sales, design, fitout and quality control teams have the space and technology they need to produce superior solutions within a shorter timeframe.

  3. Vehicle fitout products


    The designs we create for customers are brought to life using products and components that we either source globally or make ourselves. We maintain strong links with off-shore innovators and visit all significant trade shows to ensure we can bring our customers the best cost-efficient technology and componentry.

  4. One stop shop vehicle fitout


    Until our new facility was built, the vehicle transformation process usually involved several steps at a number of locations. This increased the risk of damage along the way and slowed the process down significantly.

    Now we can offer our customers ‘one stop shop’ convenience. Even signwriting and exterior image wraps can be achieved on site. A standard vehicle goes in one end; a fully fitted out vehicle comes out the other.

  5. 3D scanning and CAD


    Accuracy is everything when you’re fitting out vans, utes, buses, station wagons, ambulances and mobility vehicles. When we first work with a particular make and model of vehicle, we use our 3D scanner to map the spaces that will be transformed. Using this map, our designers can create precision fitout plans that are accurate to the last millimetre.

    Our 3D scanner can also be used for exterior surfaces, allowing us to build or source accessories that will fit the vehicle exactly. Signwriting also find the 3D map useful for designing their graphics.

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Our Work


Our experience spans every industry sector that requires purpose-built vehicle fitouts for superior productivity and safety.

The knowledge we acquire every time we complete a vehicle transformation job is carefully captured, in our heads and our systems. This ensures that future jobs get the benefit of complete information. With every completed project, our abilities and insights grow. This is how we have become New Zealand’s leading vehicle transformation company.

If you’re looking for a vehicle customisation company that works with your sector, you can be certain that we have the experience and expertise you need. Nobody has a more complete track record than Auto Transform.


Over the years we have transformed almost every kind of vehicle required for commercial or private use.

Bring us a standard vehicle that needs to become something special and we will embrace the task with industry-leading resources. Using our 3D scanning system, we can accurately map any internal space or external shape, to ensure the solutions we design and plan will fit exactly.

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to cope with the high-volume requirements of fleet transformations, as well as one-off transformations for mobility or specialised commercial use.

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