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AT Minute – Passenger transport easy clean

24 November 2017

In this Auto Transform fitout, we have installed vinyl flooring for easy cleaning that saves time and makes the job easier. To make this fitout even easier, we have fitted the seats with a vinyl cover.

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Latest tour bus fitout

24 October 2017

This latest Auto transform tour bus fitout comes with our luxury spec 4800 bucket seat with the wing tops, these seats are all recline function and have a magazine neat and tray table to help you enjoy those long trips. To find out more about this amazing fit out please get in contact with us!

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Worker transport fitout

06 October 2017

This fitout comes with a fully fold up Eco 1500 three seater bench, which comes with two over shoulder seat belts and a lap belt. Not only does this fitout allow for workers to be transported, but it is great for carry equipment and materials due to its storage capacity.

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Luxury tour bus fitout

25 September 2017

This Auto Transform Luxury tour bus fitout comes with a leather side courtesy panel, raised rear rows and carpet flooring. We have also fitted this vehicle with our luxury leather seating to allow you to travel in ultimate comfort and relaxation.

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Latest tour bus fitout

12 September 2017

Our latest Auto Transform tour bus fitout comes with a leather courtesy panel, full LED luggage parcel tray with individual air conditioning units, lights and speakers. This vehicle it fitted with our 4520 suburban seats, which are all recline function with arm rests and over shoulder belts. This vehicle also have a fully automatic side step for easy entry exit.

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Mini tour bus fitout

04 September 2017

Here is our latest mini tour bus fitout. We have fitted this vehicle with our 4800 full leather reclining seats, over shoulder seat belts, folding tray tables and magazine nets. This is your perfect fitout that allows for comfort, safety and relaxation

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Construction transport fitout

18 May 2017

Here is Auto Transforms latest construction transport fitout. This fitout comes with all the latest materials to allow the job to be easier and more time efficient. This fitout is spacious and offers a relaxed enjoyable ride

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Platinum grade shuttle fitout

10 March 2017

Auto Transform has fitted this vehicle with top end materials. This ensures the ride is safe, comfortable and relaxing

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Platinum vehicle change over

Here is our lastest fitout for a passenger vehicle. This vehicle is fitted with the highest end of materials to ensure the ride is safe and comfortable.

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VIP tour bus fitout

31 January 2017

This luxury fitout come equip with the highest end of seats on the market. They are bigger, recline and have folding armrests. This fitout comes with LED lighting, air conditioning unit and all those extra VIP items that makes the ride that much better.

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Passenger Tranport fitout

25 January 2017

This fitout allows for safe and enjoyable transportation with its unique fitout. This fitout is aimed towards several forms of transport such as, schools services, shuttle services and vehicle services, just to name a few.

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All purpose vehicle fitout

18 January 2017

This vehicle has been designed to both transport people as a passenger vehicle and to transport goods as a courier van. The seats are easily removable and easy to put back in.

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Mobility taxi fitout

07 December 2016

This fitout allows easy excess to the vehicle with an installed step along with a handle. We have multiple seats that are easily stored, as well as areas to store wheelchairs. We have installed a non slip floor and a unit at the rear to load and unload mobility units

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Hearse Fitout

This hearse vehicle is our latest fitout. We have a fully installed a roller system, which helps load and unload the caskets. We have a large space so different sized caskets are able to be safely secured. As well as the the barrier at the rear, we have false floor which is covered by commercial based carpet.

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School bus transport fitout solution

05 December 2016

This school bus fitout has 8 seats, which includes the passenger one in the front. This vehicle is safe, comfortable and very reliable.

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Airport passenger vehicle fitout

28 November 2016

On our latest passenger fitout. We have customised a vehicle designed to transport passengers to and from the airport. This fitout has all the high end materials, such as LED lighting, electric step, special A/C unit and large luggage space.

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08 October 2016

Our luxury fitout allows for a comfortable ride for those long distance tours. This fitout also allows for extra leg room and seat space in the VIP seats. We also have a fully lined luggage wall with shelving that has areas for umbrellas, so they can be easily stored.

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Tourist vehicle

31 August 2016

The tourist vehicle is designed to take on tough terrain and to ensure the ride is safe and comfortable. You are able to enjoy those long trips in a relaxing style and get the rest required.

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Luxury VIP fitout

30 August 2016

This is our luxury VIP fitout that offers maximum comfort to the passengers when travelling. We stock all the latest technology and gadgets, which is the reason it has that feel of a luxury VIP fitout

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12 Seater Mini Bus

13 June 2016

Whatever your requirements, we can design, engineer and install a safe and comfortable fitout for your mini bus. This vehicle will provide your passengers with the space, comfort and security they need.

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Emergency Service Passenger Support Vehicle

07 April 2016

In such a stressful working environment, we have designed an emergency service vehicle fitout that will leave you and your passengers feeling relaxed and comfortable no matter the situation. We have engineered a vehicle fitout that provides a clean and safe environment that ensures you get to the destination ready to perform. We have designed an interior that is customised to your working needs so you have all equipment and materials with you at all times. Your vehicle will be ready to go as soon as pick it up.

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Luxury Tourist Bus

18 March 2016

Auto Transform brings you the ultimate luxury tourist bus. This fitout will leave you and your passengers more than happy. It combines luxury and style with the latest features and safety mechanisms.

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Mercedes Sprinter Tourist Bus Fitout

04 February 2016

Auto Transforms Tourist Bus Fitout provides travelers with a safe and comfortable journey that will leave them feeling relaxed and ready for their adventure. Our non-claustrophobic seat configurations help relax and refresh travelers. There is peace of mind knowing the vehicle is safe, comfortable and durable. They are easy to clean seats which facilitates a hygienic environment.

Through our 25+ years of experience we have found the correct formula when fitting out a vehicle for you.

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Car Vehicle fitout

02 November 2015

Optimise your car with an Auto Transform Car Fitout.

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Tourist Bus Fitout

Allow your passengers to arrive at their destination feeling safe, comfortable and relaxed after experiencing an Auto Transform Tourist Bus Vehicle Fitout.

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