Turny seat

Turny seat

  • Easy assess in a SUV vehicle for a wheelchair user
  • Clean, professional look
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and secure

Travel as normal as possible with a seat that's completely mobile for family and friends, removing all travel barriers.

The Turny seat ensures very easy vehicle access. This solution eliminates hoist attachments to a car and allows the vehicle to be as normal as possible with a seat that is completely mobile for family and friends. It’s as simple as placing yourself in the seat, pushing a button and driving to your destination. The electric up, down and sideways movement with a capacity of 150kg enables easy access into a SUV vehicle for wheelchair users. This seat is EMC and crash tested allowing you to travel in style with minimal difference to your car seating. It has a professional, easy to clean look and is available in fully electric or semi-electric models to suit your needs.

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