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Safety, comfort and brand alignment across the Ritchies fleet

  • 21-seat coach fitout with Suburban 4520 high back bucket seats
  • Full interior linings with integrated floorboards
  • Rear four rows raised for improved visibility
  • Certified to New Zealand safety standards and CoF compliant

A superior passenger fitout that maximised comfort, safety and a relaxing journey

In addition to the big coaches all over the New Zealand Roads, Ritchies require a 21-seat coach fitout. In line with their focus on customer comfort and safety, we installed full interior linings, specialised flooring and superior quality high-back bucket seating.

Auto Transform installed Suburban 4520 high-back bucket seating with integrated retracting diagonal seatbelts. The seats were covered in Ritchies’ cloth, maintaining a consistent look and feel across their fleet.

Full interior linings with an integrated floor system were added to boost sound proofing and provide an attractive professional finish. Visibility was maximised for passengers by including a centre aisle with two seats on one side and one seat on the other, as well as a raised floor beneath the four rear rows.

The entire 21-seat fitout was fully certified to New Zealand safety standards and complied with the certificate of fitness (CoF) requirements for passenger service vehicles.

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A safe, relaxing and comfortable fitout for your journey

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