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Passenger vehicle fleet fitout

Nobody has more experience with passenger fleet fitouts than us. We understand the need to balance comfort and safety with budget limits.

When your business depends on a passenger fleet that performs to perfection, Auto Transform is the ultimate vehicle adaptation partner.

Designing safe, space-efficient, comfort-driven passenger fleet fitouts is one of our core competencies. We begin with accurate 3D scans of every model’s interior, then move to the CAD drawing board to develop configurations that will best fit your brief. You’ll always have the opportunity to see and approve designs on-screen before they become real life.

Our experience with seating arrangements, types of seats and upholstery materials enables us to pinpoint the best seat types for your needs and budget. For worker transport, we can offer economy seating that’s rugged and easy to clean. At the other end of the spectrum, we fit out some of New Zealand’s leading luxury passenger fleets. From leather upholstery to individual LED lighting, the beauty is in the detail.

The capacity of our purpose-built transformation facility is another reason to choose Auto Transform for your passenger fleet fitouts. We can transform more vehicles in a shorter amount of time, so your fleet will be on the road sooner.

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All-in-one fleet management system

Auto Transform Fleet Hub is an online tool that lets you manage all your fleet’s moving parts with ease: vehicle services, fit-out designs, pricing, job statuses, GPS tracking, fleet signage and more, plus on-the-go support from your Auto Transform fleet manager.

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