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Isuzu D-Max

Maximise the potential and storage capacity of your Isuzu D-Max with Auto Transforms efficient ute products.

Our fitout options for your Isuzu D-Max will maximise the overall efficiency for your vehicle,

Auto Transform has extensive experience in fitting out Isuzu D-Max Utes. We have a range of tested products that will maximise the potential of your Isuzu D-Max. We take the time to understand your requirements and offer an efficient and effective solution that will assist you on site.

We have a wide range of products that can be fitted into your Isuzu D-Max. Our products range from underfloor drawers, shelving, box/service bodies and canopies to external glass frails and many more. All these products are fitted into your vehicle on our purpose-built site by our experienced team. No job is too big, or small – we cater from one offs up to full fleets of Isuzu D-Max.

Featured below are examples of the products we have fitted to Isuzu D-Max, and other products that are suitable to be fitted to your ute. If you have a D-Max, we will be able to fit it out with many of our perfectly designed products, ensuring you get the most out of your vehicle.

Leave it to the experts, and learn how we can help you reach your vehicles potential.

Box body
Auto Transform can fit your ute with a professional box body that is durable, lightweight, safe and versatile. The interior can be customised with shelving, drawers and toolboxes. The box bodies we use are designed and made to withstand the harsh New Zealand conditions.
Ute Box Body
Auto Transform's canopy range is big on choice. From our solid-side, central locking canopy to our trade canopy, we have one that is exactly right for your vehicle. Canopies are a great way to keep your gear safe and fully utilise your vehicle by maximizing its load-carrying capacity.
Custom hard ute canopy
Auto Transform ute liners are easily self-fitted or can be installed by our technicians. They are supplied with a rear taillight protector for extra safety and protection. The liners are made from long-lasting materials that will help to reduced damage to your tools and other wear and tear, such as scratches, dings and dents.
Boot liner for ute
Flat deck
We can fit your ute with a flat deck to give you a strong, durable and multifunctional carrying platform for all your daily requirements. Our aluminium flat deck options are both tough and lightweight.
Custom flat deck ute
Roof racks
The roof rack systems we provide, for self-installation or installation at our facility, are proven performers that are built for maximum performance and minimum fuss. Options include an Auto Transform Whispbar, heavy-duty Tradesman Bar, ratchets and eye-bolts.
Roof rack for ute
Reflex spray-on truck liners
Auto Transform can install a Reflex spray-on liner to protect your truck bed and your cargo.
Spray on truck liner
Auto Transform's under-floor drawers are an efficient and space-saving way to store your equipment. Ideal for all trades with small-to-medium sized parts and power tools.
Underfloor storage for ute
Aluminium drawers
Auto Transform's aluminium drawers give you a lightweight, versatile storage option for the rear of your vehicle. This enables you to safely take more equipment with you to site, increasing personal and team efficiency.
Aluminium Underfloor for ute
Our robust-but-lightweight shelving units are modular, so we can design a configuration that works for your requirements.
Shelving for ute
Nudge bar
For added ute passenger protection, we can install a robust nudge bar that will keep you and your passengers safe in case of an accident.
Commercial Ute Nudge Bar
Tow bar
Auto Transform offers a sleek tow bar that will ensure that you can tow a trailer with all your extra gear and materials, or even a boat in the weekend. This is a great addition to your vehicle fitout.
Tow bar for ute
Compact and durable, our beacon light can be fitted to your ute to ensure you can be seen in emergency and low-visibility situations.
Beacon light for ute
Auto Transform offers energy-efficient LED internal lighting for every type of commercial vehicle. The slim line strip lighting is available in varying lengths and provides high light output for a low current draw.
Internal lighting for ute
Auto Transform can provides a strong, durable and effective ute lid that not only increases the productivity of your vehicle, but also enhances its looks. It works both ways - your gear stays dry underneath and you can transport materials on top.
Ute load lid
Tail lifter
Auto Transform can install a semi-automatic tail lifter on your flat deck. With a 500kg lifting limit, this tail lifter takes care of the hard tasks. Spare your back!
Ute tail lifter
Sliding platform
Auto Transform's sliding platform gives you the freedom to load and unload your ute with ease. Gone are the days of struggling to reach into the wellside.
Ute sliding platform
Have the ability to safely transport all those heavy cargo and objects with you to the work site. Make lifting easy with our multi purpose cranes.
Ute Crane
Glass rail
Transport sheets of glass to the work site safely. Our retention poles make for easy loading and unloading of glass.
Glass transport system for ute
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