Our DTS is used to accurately assess a driver’s abilities and strength

The best route to a successful self-drive transformation is via our DTS (Driver Testing Station), which is the only testing unit of its type in New Zealand.

Made in Sweden, the Auto Transform DTS can be hired by occupational therapists and their patients for a minimal charge. It takes approximately one hour to complete the test, which is supervised by a member of the Auto Transform team.

The station tests upper body strength and co-ordination, reaction times and other aspects of driver ability. Results of the test indicate whether a self-drive solution is possible for the patient; they also inform our design process, so that we can develop an appropriate vehicle transformation. During rehabilitation, the unit can be used at intervals to determine how a patient is progressing.

Using our DTS reduces the financial and emotional risks associated with mobility vehicle transformations, because both therapist and patient can be certain the resulting solution will be successful.

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