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The freedom and independence that comes with a customised Auto Transform self-drive mobility solution is life changing

Auto Transform’s self-drive mobility solutions are known for their ease of use and ergonomic superiority. They’re a pleasure to drive.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than transforming lives by turning ordinary vehicles into superior self-drive mobility vehicles.  Working mostly with VW, Renault and Mercedes models, we design and build customised fitouts that enable differently-abled drivers to enjoy the freedom of the road, and all the independence that comes with it. Much of our work in this specialised area of vehicle adaptation is achieved through collaboration with ACC.

Soon we will also offer the Elbee, a purpose-built self-drive mobility vehicle from Europe. Auto Transform has exclusive rights to the Elbee for the New Zealand market.

Auto Transform Docking Station for ZX1

Auto Transform proudly introduces our new docking station, which is designed to make everyday life easier for drivers with wheelchairs.

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The VW Caddy Mobility Vehicle

The VW Caddy Mobility is a wheelchair-accessible vehicle engineered to accommodate individual needs.
One of the most important features of the Caddy is the large dimensions of the rear opening, which makes wheelchair access easy. A gently sloping ramp allows the wheelchair to roll up to either a passenger or driver position, depending on your requirements.

The VW Caddy Mobility has a safety lock, which locks doors automatically when the vehicle is travelling at more than 15kph.

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Autoadapt Product Range

Check out the range of Autoadapt products available now at Auto Transform. Autoadapt products are designed to help people do what so many take for granted; drive to work, pop down to the shops, drop in on friends or go on a great driving holiday.

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Lodgesons R200 Hand Controls

R200 systems allow people with restricted mobility to operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. Simply pressing a button activities the required function e.g. horn, indicators, lights etc.

Driver Testing Station

The DTS Testing station tests upper body strength and co-ordination, reaction times and other aspects of driver ability. Results of the test indicate whether a self-drive solution is possible for the patient; they also inform our design process, so that we can develop an appropriate vehicle transformation. During rehabilitation, the unit can be used at intervals to determine how a patient is progressing.

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