Sustainability with Auto Transform

At Auto Transform, sustainability is a way of doing business that drives our daily decision-making process. It allows us to maintain high standards and improve performance, thereby contributing to the creation of long-term value for all stakeholders.

Sustainability is increasingly identified as the ability to profitably manage business risk by streamlining production processes, paying attention to employee welfare, respecting the environment and tending to relationships with the territory.

It therefore depends on the company’s ability to strike a proper balance between economy, environment and society:

– managing the company’s business activities to ensure a return much higher than the cost of capital;

– considering natural heritage to be a limited resource whose use must not compromise the rights of future generations;

– respecting human and civil rights and protecting working conditions and equal opportunities with a view to a continued dialogue with local communities.

In this sense, Auto Transform commits itself every day to promoting sustainability in the company, in the community in which it operates, and with its suppliers, for constant improvement of economic, environmental and social conditions. This finds expression in the creation as well as in research and development for new ecological solutions to protect the environment that can reduce levels of fuel consumption and significantly reduce the impact of emissions.

Auto Transform considers environmental protection to be an integral part of its business and its product development and production processes: this takes place through the efficient use of natural resources, with particular attention on reducing waste and on managing waste production. To develop processes and products with low environmental impact, AT invests substantial resources in research, development and innovative transformations, which are fundamental aspects for promoting sustainable growth for the company.

The company’s social responsibility and its business ethics are the principles from which we draw continuous inspiration, in order to balance and guide our growth and product and innovation choices for sustainable development.  This concept includes protecting the environment and natural resources and respecting cultural differences and the safety of our people.

At Auto Transform, we pay special attention to the people who work at the company, and to the growth of their skills, always with the aim of encouraging increased competitiveness and improvement of the business climate.

For Auto Transform, innovative transformations in sustainable mobility and social responsibility means not only creating new products and services and conquering new markets but also working ethically and transparently by sharing benefits, resources and development in a sustainable way with the community.


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