Taking action for a better Future

Sustainable mobility that moves you greener and smarter.

Better means more sustainable. For our planet, our business, and our people.

It is a complex challenge to run a sustainable business and that’s why we, at Auto Transform, are taking our contributions beyond creating a greener planet.

We consider ourselves to be a part of a wider system that looks after the well-being of our home (our planet), our people, and our business.

Sustainability – /səˌsteɪnəˈbɪlɪti/

Our definition of sustainability embraces:

  • Environmental Management refers to the resources we use.
  • Health & Safety which includes the mental and physical wellbeing of our staff.
  • Quality Management includes the processes that increase durability and quality.
  • Business Success that is focused on our social responsibility to create an inclusive culture and a safe and steady work environment for the people we are responsible for.

Sustainability doesn’t happen coincidentally.

It is part of our strategy, and we take action to become more sustainable in four focus areas.

Our Focus Areas

Our Planet – Environmental Management that reduces our footprint

Too much waste is choking our planet.

We are dedicated to using resources responsibly and efficiently to minimise our impact on the environment.

There’s no doubt that New Zealand is feeling the impact of climate change and we want to do our part to protect and preserve our environment.

For us, it means that we…

  • Reduce waste by designing to fit so that we are using a minimal amount of resources.
  • Use recycled materials and materials with extended durability to reduce our use of raw materials.
  • Source from environmentally friendly suppliers so that our impact reaches beyond our organisation.
  • Create and apply waste disposal policies that encourage recycling.
  • Make sustainability a constant on our agenda.

All that lets us reduce the impact that our business has on our planet.

Health & Safety – Protecting the wellbeing of our staff members

We are a family business with strong family and community-based values. A community can only be as strong as its members.

We believe that we have to create an environment that fosters, nurtures, and helps everyone at Auto Transform to feel safe and grow.

The mental and physical well-being of everyone who works with us is important to us because we want our people to live balanced life that makes them resilient and happy.

For us, that means that we…

  • Integrate health and safety training into everyone’s schedules so that everyone can perform their jobs safely and to their full potential.
  • Care about mental health, provide professional counseling where needed and have a “top to bottom” open door policy that takes note of the individual
  • Run monthly management meetings that are dedicated to health and safety because we know that keeping our staff safe & healthy is an ongoing process
  • Maintain and adhere to ISO standards to ensure that we meet the highest standards for our people and the work that our people perform.
  • Integrate health and safety into our KPIs for production so that our efforts reach every single person in the organisation.

Caring for our people allows us to provide a place where our people can thrive and are able to contribute the best that they can aspire to.

And that allows us to serve you better.

Quality Management – making quality and durability a consistent focus

Quality ensures long-term functionality, efficiency, and safety. It leads to greater durability that makes your investment go further so that your life gets a little brighter.

We believe in quality because it allows our people to take pride in their work and perform at the best of their abilities to give you the very best that is available on the market.

Cutting corners has and never will be an option, however financial efficiency is a cornerstone of how we think about quality.

For us, that means that we…

  • Constantly making our processes better so that we can work more sustainably and perform our jobs at the highest level possible.
  • Doing the job right the first time to create the quality that exceeds our clients’ expectations
  • Train people so that they perform their jobs from a place of deep understanding and competence (and a higher degree of job satisfaction)
  • Use engineering materials that are high-grade quality to maximise the lifespan of our designs
  • Let professionals do the jobs that they specialise in
  • Implement processes that create workflows to reduce internal double handling, design to specification with correct and high throughput, and have open communication channels to minimise waiting times.

Quality is based on teamwork, knowledge, and rigorous processes. That enables us to give our clients the best solutions for their investments.

Business Success – running a successful and sustainable business that is inclusive and supportive

Our business plays a vital part in the lives of our clients and our staff. Our actions and how we run our business have consequences.

We are taking our responsibilities towards our staff, clients, and our economy seriously.

For us, that means that we…

  • Create an inclusive culture that cares for and about our staff members
  • Build a work climate that our people feel proud and happy to be a part of – for the long term
  • Listen and care about our clients and believe that they deserve the best of what we have to offer
  • Live our values because they guide us and ensure that our actions are aligned with our purpose
  • Run a financially secure business that ensures the future of our staff members and their families
  • Support the New Zealand economy through running a thriving business that contributes to the health of the economy

We want to be a beacon and a rock for those we serve and those who depend on us so that they can build and live better and more fulfilled lives.

We are going the extra mile…

… because we know that the efforts that we are making now have an impact on the world that we leave behind.

Better technology takes us further and protects our planet.

That’s why we heavily invest in research and development for new ecological solutions to protect the environment. We are passionate about finding solutions that can reduce fuel consumption, and the impact of emissions.

“Apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.”

Napoleon Hill

Leaving a greener world behind is how we are paying forward.

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