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The ultimate passenger experience focusing on style, comfort, safety and journey experience.

Tour bus/bus fitouts

We understand that the customer’s journey experience is everything when travelling in your vehicle. Auto Transforms passenger vehicle fitouts to incorporate safety, comfort and style into every fitout, leaving your passengers relaxed, refreshed and ready to go when they arrive at their destination.

Through our vast experience in the industry, we ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle. We offer expert advice on seating configurations, types of seats, floor systems, safety and security that will assist you in selecting the correct tour bus fitout for you. Our tour bus fitouts are not only reliable, they have a strong professional finish that represents your company the way you want it to. Our passenger fitouts will boost your brand and enhance its reputation.

Auto Transform is able to fully customise your passenger van to suit your needs and individual requirements. Through our innovation and technology, we offer many different seating arrangements and fitout options to enhance your vehicle, optimising and adding value to your tour bus.

Bucket Seats
Arrive at your destination feeling safe, relaxed and refreshed. Our bucket seats each have incorporated 3-point seat belts, head rests and arm rests for row ends.
Bucket seats
Bench Seats
Our bench seats are a cost effective, safe and comfortable option for your tour bus fitout. These seats are easy clean and durable.
Bench Tour
Keep your passengers safe from any objects landing on your passenger with our rear mount protection barriers. They are stylish, safe and you will have peace of mind knowing your passengers are safe. All barriers are certified and have a professional look to suit your company.
Luggage Rack
Our luggage racks are a great solution for extra storage in your vehicle. We have a standard option, and more luxurious LED option that gives your vehicle that wow! factor when entering the vehicle.
Luggage Rack
Quick Release Seats
Auto Transforms quick release seats allow you the flexibility to remove seats to have more space in the vehicle. This space can be used for luggage storage.
Quick Release
Floor System
Our floor system is safe, efficient and allows for a more flexible seating arrangement. It is a fully bonded system that can be installed without drilling holes in the vehicle.
Floor System
Side Step
Our side steps allow for easy access entering and exiting the vehicle safely. The range starts with a manual side step, and goes right through to an automatic 1000m step.
Our wifi units allow to 10 users to be connected to the internet. Simply insert a Sim card and you're ready to go.
USB Ports
Our USB ports are a great addition to your vehicle as they allow your customers to charge their devises during the journey. More battery on their phone, means more photos of our beautiful country being taken.
PA System
Our portable PS system gives your tour guide the ability to explain the journey without having to worry about holding a mic.
PA System
We have a wide range of side and floor lining that suit you business. From vinyl to black fleck carpet, we have it all.
Keep the sun off your face, or create a more comfortable setting when trying to sleep at night.
Entry/Exit Handles
Allow your passengers to safety enter and exit your vehicle with grab handles

Brands we work with

Commercial vehicle fitouts for Mercedes vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for VW vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for Fiat vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for Iveco vans
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