Van Extras is now AutoTransform

To align ourselves better with our corporate sponsors, we decided that re-branding would not only revitalise our company but would refresh the team as well. With a new name, brings new opportunity.


Our former name ‘Van Extras’ was limiting us with the extensive product range we offer. Public perception was that we could only cater for vans, it limited on what we could offer to potential customers. We were unable to showcase our full product range because of this, hindering our ability to attract more potential customers.

A change in name has allowed us to showcase our extensive product range to a variety of different industries. Auto Transform caters for over 20 different industries; re-branding has enabled us to promote our full range of products and services to the public.

With our new name we are able to adapt to any needs that a customer may have. We can transform over 10 different types of vehicles; making customer options limitless. As we are able to cater for more customers, we have attracted a more reliable, skillful, motivated and successful workforce. We have had a massive culture change that has both the production and sales team working towards the same goal.

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