How to Clean Smartboard in Vehicles

Auto Transform SmartBoard flooring offers unparalleled durability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for vehicle interiors and commercial spaces.

SmartBoard flooring offers unparalleled durability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for vehicle interiors and commercial spaces. However, to preserve its appearance and longevity, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. The article below explores best practices for cleaning and maintaining Auto Transform SmartBoard flooring, focusing on recommendations to ensure optimal results and surface protection.

Key Recommendations:

  1. Start with Less Visible Areas: Before proceeding with full-scale cleaning, it’s advisable to conduct initial cleaning attempts on less visible areas of the SmartBoard flooring. This approach allows for testing cleaning methods and products without risking damage to prominent areas. By starting in inconspicuous spots, any adverse effects can be identified and addressed before tackling more visible sections.
  2. Avoid Sharp-Edged Objects and Paper Towels: To prevent scratching the surface of Auto Transform SmartBoard flooring, avoid using sharp-edged objects during cleaning. Additionally, paper towels may fray on rough surfaces, leaving behind lint and debris. Instead, utilize soft, non-abrasive materials such as microfiber cloths or brushes. These tools effectively remove dirt and grime without causing damage.
  3. Choose the Right Cleaning Agent: Selecting the appropriate cleaning agent depends on the type of soiling present on the SmartBoard flooring. For dust removal, dry or damp wiping is sufficient. For heavier dirt buildup, use a damp cloth with water and isopropanol. If necessary, add a small amount of washing-up liquid for stubborn stains. When dealing with grease, isopropanol or orange terpenes are effective solvents.
  4. Exercise Caution with Cleaning Sprays: While various cleaning sprays are available, it’s essential to use them judiciously and at your own risk. Before applying any cleaning spray, perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with the SmartBoard material. Follow manufacturer instructions and guidelines to prevent adverse reactions or damage.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial for preserving the appearance and functionality of Auto Transform SmartBoard flooring. By following the best practices outlined in this white paper, you can effectively clean and maintain your SmartBoard flooring while minimizing the risk of damage. Remember to start with less visible areas, avoid abrasive tools, choose the right cleaning agents, and exercise caution with cleaning sprays. By prioritizing surface care and utilizing proper cleaning techniques, you can extend the life of your SmartBoard flooring and keep it looking its best for years to come.

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