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Aged care vehicle fleet fitout

Safe, secure and comfortable aged care fitouts that make routine journeys and day trips a pleasure

Our aged care fitouts look after the needs of everyone in your retirement community.

Our aged care vehicles fitouts are perfectly designed for retirement community residents who want to go on outings, take trips to the mall, go to restaurants or visit friends. With our specialised seating, grab rails and wheelchair hoists, Auto Transform provides passengers with a safe and comfortable experience when travelling on their journey.

With our aged care fitouts, you have complete control. You can choose seat types, upholstery, fittings and configurations. If you’re not sure what you need, we have more than 27 years’ experience with vehicle adaptations for the aged care sector. Our expertise will help you to get fitouts that keep everybody happy.

Rest home fitout

This latest rest home fitout features an internal unloading/loading hoist that has a weight capacity of 350kg. This fitout also has our suburban 4520 cloth covered seats with head rests, three point seat belts and arm rests. This is the ultimate rest home fitout that focuses on safety, ease of use, and time efficiency.

Rest Home
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