Commercial van fitout

Commercial vans

Get a van fitout that suits all your business requirements.

Commercial van fitouts that benefit your business by supporting productive days, on and off the road.

With a van you have the freedom to create a vehicle that does exactly what you need it to do. So that’s where we start. What will it carry? How will you use it? What should it say about your business?

We understand how the design of storage, carrying frames, security features, workbenches, on-board power and lighting can all contribute to the safety and efficiency of your van. We also understand the importance of well-engineered components with a strong professional finish. They not only work harder, they speak volumes about your business.

Though our investment in advanced engineering technology, Auto Transform is able to fully customise your van to suit your needs and individual preferences. Beginning with a 3D scan of your van’s internal space and panels, our designers work with CAD systems to develop the configuration that works best for you. If you want to fine-tune the design with your own ideas, no problem. It’s all done on screen right before your eyes. Only when you’re totally happy do we move to the implementation phase.

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Underfloor drawers
Auto Transform's under-floor drawers are an efficient, secureand space-saving way to store your equipment. They are ideal for all trades with small-to-medium sized parts and power tools.
Commercial van fitout with underfloor drawers
Elite shelving
Durable and modular, Elite shelving units are as flexible as your needs require. They are exceedingly strong but lightweight, so the loading capacity of your vehicle is preserved.
Commercial van fitout with shelving
Trade system
Our basic trade shelving units are a cost-effective solution for your vehicle. They're perfect for transporting small parts to a job site. Because they're open, you can quickly grab what you need.
Commercial van fitout with drawers on racking
Protect your vehicle from the wear and tear of everyday work life. We have a wide range of linings and panels that protect the integrity of your vehicle, as well as its resale value.
Commercial van fitout with ply lining
Roof vents
Our flow-through roof vent helps you to keep your cool, even on the hottest day. Fresh air is constantly cycled through the interior, protecting cargo and limiting heat gain during the day.
Flow through roof vent for van
Sliding Ppatform
The Elite Storage Systems sliding platform is a secure, professional, efficient and space -aving way to store your equipment. It's ideal for all trades with small-to-medium sized parts. This solid sliding platform unit has a 200-400kg carry capacity and its pushbutton automatic locking system with
interval locks makes it safe and secure.
Truck sliding platform
Our barrier systems are designed to prevent serious driver and passenger injuries caused by loads moving forward during an accident or sudden braking. Barriers also prevent fumes coming through to cab area.
Jet rack
A safe and secure ceiling-mounted system for transporting ladders that preserves valuable load space.
Jet Rack for commercial van
An easy-to-use gas-powered support system allows quick and easy deployment that you can trust, while the folding design lets you tailor the length of the ramp to your requirement. The ramp's non-skid perforated profile provides extra safety during use.
Ramp for van
Tail lifters
The cargo lifter is ideal for easy loading and unloading of heavy cargo and large loads. It is a lightweight, quick fitment without body works system. With unlimited trailer use this durable, high quality, robust system is a perfect match for your vehicle.
Van Tail Lifter
Glass Frails
Transport your glass to the work site safely. Our retention poles make for easy loading/unloading of glass.
Glass transport system for van
Elite Storage Systems Cupboard Units are great for secure storage of more bulky items. You have the flexibility of adding shelves and coat hooks and the variable sizes provide a great modular fit.
Commercial van with storage cupboards
Roof Racks
The roof rack systems we provide, for self-installation or installation at our facility, they are proven performers, built for maximum performance and minimum fuss. Options include an Auto Transforms heavy-duty Tradesman Bar and ratchets and eye-bolts.
Van roof racks
Tow Bar
Auto Transform offers a tow bar that will ensure that you can tow a trailer with all your gear with you. This is a great addition to your vehicle fitout.
Commercial tow bar for van
Have the ability to safely transport all those heavy objects with you to the work site. Make lifting easy with our multi purpose cranes.
Crane attachment for van
Auto Transform offers internal lighting; we offer an LED option with many different options to fit your needs. The LED lighting is slim line strip lighting available in varying lengths, and provides low current draw with high light output.
Commercial van lighting

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Commercial vehicle fitouts for Fiat vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for Ford vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for Hyundai vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for Iveco vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for LDV vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for Mercedes vans
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Commercial vehicle fitouts for Toyota vans
Commercial vehicle fitouts for VW vans
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