Electrical trades

Arrive at the work site ready to perform with the latest and most efficient mobile work station on the market.

Boost your company's reputation by having the most elite fitout in your industry.

Having the right tools and materials for the job is essential, especially when you work in the electrical trades. Auto Transform can work with you to create the ultimate mobile work space, so that you can find everything you need quickly and be more productive at the job site. With a customised fitout, everything you need is within arms reach, and delicate equipment is secured safely in its own designated area.

We supply an extensive range of robust storage and mobile workshop systems that can be tailored to your preferences. To ensure your vehicle works for you, we first understand your electrical business and how you like to work. We then recommend options based on our 27 years’ experience, create 3D CAD designs to view and start implementation only when you’re 100% happy.

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