Can Customised be Standardised?


Do you remember playing with Meccano as a child? This innovative system was created by Frank Hornby in 1898, in which he gave curious kids all over England construction sets that let them explore the principles of mechanical engineering. Using metal nuts and bolts, young thinkers could build with limitless possibilities.

Imagine having limitless possibilities for building a customised solution to transform your workspace. Using the same level of thinking that Meccano applied to their mechanical build creations, Auto Transform’s Professional Series Syncro System is pretty much limitless. To be able to achieve such flexibility lies in the key word: Modularity.

Modularity is the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined, often with the benefit of flexibility and variety in use. Modules can and should be built to allow and encourage variety – both within modules themselves and how they are combined to form a greater whole.

Making customised fit-outs standardised, we go modular. Here’s why this can benefit you and your fleet:
1. Unmatched space

Thanks to the various sizes available and the possibility of creating bespoke solutions to meet personal requirements, Syncro System allows you to stow and transport all your tools, hardware etc. safely and neatly and, at the same time, leaves enough space for transporting cargo.
2. Light weight

One of the major priorities in designing and developing Syncro System was to obtain maximum storage capacity and resistance at the minimum weight. A lower weight means savings on fuel, greater loading capacity, and less stress on your vehicle. Thanks to the combination of two essential features: prime and sophisticated materials and “cut-through” design, overall weight can be reduced up to 30% without sacrificing loading capacity and strength.

Aluminium is used for our panel lining, shelving unit dividers and drawer units, as well as accessories such as cable holders, side pockets and parts of the wheel housing cover, cupboards and toolboxes.

Wherever possible we use a “cut-through” design: this allows us to eliminate any excess material. This technology can lead to a weight reduction between 30% and 40%.

3. Increased safety

  • The only crash tested product in NZ
  • Surety of increased safety and protection for your drivers in case of an accident
  • Peace of mind that your tools are well secured
  • Tools in drawers are fully secure and won’t fly around the vehicle thanks to excellent segregation

4. Maximum productivity

  • Professional storage system ensures a place for every part, maximising your efficiency
  • Proven to save you a minimum of 30mins a day. At a rate of $60 per hour, 5 days a week, this can add up to a saving of $7500 per year.

5. Better return on investment

Quality and Durability

  • Having the strongest light weight product modules ensures maximum durability
  • High-quality crash tested modules can be used for at least 2 vehicle lives (average 4 years)
  • Maximizes the utilization of your vehicle fit outs
  • Being modular, you can swap modules out at minimum cost if your vehicle requirements change

Generate Revenue Faster

  • With our service orientated process and complete one-stop-shop offering, we ensure you get your vehicle on the road within one month of ordering and into service, generating revenue for you.

What does this mean for you?

Through the modularity of the Syncro System, Auto Transform is able to achieve bespoke fit-outs using standardised modules. However large or small your vehicle, usual or unusual your requirements may be, your workspace can be transformed to make you and your team safer, more productive, and gain a better return on investment.

To find out what Auto Transform can do for you, get in touch with our friendly team.

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