Hirepool fleet fitout

We were delighted to be entrusted to transform the new Hirepool fleet. This was an exciting project for our team as it gave us a huge opportunity to showcase our extraordinary product range, superior service and quick delivery times.

We were given 90 vehicles for this fitout; consisting of Vans and Utes. We were able to successfully install a range of products into the vehicles; these products ranged from canopies to flat decks. Through our 3D scanning and CAD technology we were able to perform a complete vehicle interior fitout, designed to maximise the customisation and give the customer exactly what they want. Using this technology not only improves the accuracy of the design but saves a lot of time as ply lining can be produced within hours; saving the customer money and time.

Our new facility enabled us to have a quick turnaround with the vehicles, we were able to deliver a complete interior fitout to Hirepool within 2-6 weeks, depending on the type of vehicle.

This was an exciting and challenging fitout for both Auto Tranform and Hirepool.

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