How do you ensure safety as a Mobility Fleet Manager?

Being a Mobility Fleet Manager (MFM) is much more than being on top of logistics. MFM are about being the heart and the brain of services that enable disabled people to enjoy elements of life that most other people take for granted.

A mobility vehicle is not just a car – it’s the portal to a richer and more empowered life

A richer and more empowered life, not only for the disabled person who depends on safe transport but also for all the people who experience the effects of the mobility vehicle fleet.

The disabled people, their families, friends, employers, colleagues, and the mobility vehicle operators.

Being a MFM is not just a job – it’s a calling. MFM have made it their mission to change lives.

Whether it is ensuring that more disabled people can join the workforce where they earn an income that helps to support their family, develop confidence, increase in self-esteem and make new friends…Whether it allows access to therapy, day-care or rehabilitation facilities or experience life more deeply…MFM have made it their mission to transform lives and to keep those in their care safe.

Safety starts with the choice of the right vehicle

Safety plays a big role and it starts with choosing the right vehicle and the best fitout. It is the Mobility Fleet Manager’s responsibility to keep everyone safe – not because it’s in the job description – but because they have a personality that genuinely cares about the team and the passengers.

And as such, they have made it their responsibility to make informed choices. We at Auto Transform like to welcome Fleet managers to our site, view the vans, discuss about fitout options, specifications, and design aspects that increase the vehicle’s safety.

We understand how safety-driven MFM’s are and share all the information and knowledge that we have about the equipment we install, our crash testing process, Quality control, maintenance, and certification standards.
We answer questions about…

• Timelines
• lead times
• matching equipment to the chosen vehicle
• the optimal number of seats in the vehicle
• who can drive the vehicle
• what to pay attention to when ordering a new vehicle
• costs – and what you should not save costs on…
• layout that is compliant with NZ safety standards

On-site, the Mobility Vehicle Manager can experience and inspect the fitouts, their features, and functionalities. And they can learn about the services we offer. Services that optimise their operations, training, and maintenance processes.

Processes that ensure passenger and driver safety

Auto Transform’s work is not done when a vehicle leaves our premises. We support MFM with training and maintenance services that ensure optimal workflows and safety.

This process starts when a vehicle is handed over. Auto Transform provides the MFM with a full range of guidelines, user manuals, and other documentation including certifications that verify the vehicle’s compliance with safety standards.

This document contains information about the biggest wear and tear parts in the vehicle that need to be checked on a regular basis.

Above that, we recommend a thorough functionality test of the vehicle to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

We support the MFM with initial training on the vehicle and its functions and recommend that the MFM periodically repeats these training to ensure that all staff is fully trained in how to operate the vehicle and its equipment.

Every driver needs to understand the function and safe operation of seat belts, seats, wheelchair lifts or hoists, as well as restraints.

Regular check-ins and debriefing with the staff are a good way to ensure that every driver pays attention to safety and perfect functionality.

Introducing a safety mindset that keeps passengers and drivers safe

To some, this attention to detail and training may seem excessive – but we have developed a “safety-first” mindset that is aligned with the mission and beliefs of the Mobility Fleet Manager.
As we said at the beginning…

Being a MFM is much more than being on top of logistics. Staff empowerment and safety are the foundations on which a mobility vehicle fleet runs safely and uninterrupted.

When staff members develop a “safety-first” mindset, MFM knows that they can trust their staff to take care of their passengers and each other.

When staff members take pride in the impeccable state of their vehicles and understand what they can contribute to keep passengers and colleagues safe – then the MFM has built a team that deeply cares about all the people involved or affected by their operations.

How Auto Transform supports MFM

We believe that our customers are our partners in our purpose to make people’s lives easier, safer, and more efficient by transforming vehicles. That’s why we offer services that make a Mobility Fleet Manager’s job easier. We offer mobility maintenance services and staff training led by thoroughly trained and certified professionals.

Just send us a message to find out more. If you have any questions with regards to mobility vehicles, then give us a call and schedule a visit to our site where we can answer all your questions in detail.

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