Tailoring Your Journey with Auto Transform

Mobility fitouts play a pivotal role in ensuring accessibility, comfort, and convenience for individuals with unique mobility needs. At Auto Transform, we understand the significance of personalized solutions when it comes to transporting mobility devices. Our array of customization options is designed to cater to diverse requirements, ensuring a seamless and accommodating journey for every individual.

Seating Configurations for Comfort and Accessibility: One of the primary considerations in mobility fitouts is seating arrangements. We offer customizable seating configurations to optimize space, ensuring maximum comfort and accessibility for passengers and their mobility devices. Whether it’s adjusting the number of seats or installing foldable seats for additional space, our solutions are tailored to accommodate diverse needs. In all cases seating space requirements need to be compliant and meet vehicle weights.

Wheelchair Securement Mechanisms: Safety and stability are paramount. Our fitouts include advanced wheelchair securement mechanisms that guarantee a secure and stable transportation experience. We offer options such as disk restraints and track restraints, each designed to provide reliable and safe transportation for various types of mobility devices. These restraints also come with the option of a lap belt or even a 3 point set up as per a normal seat.

Storage Solutions for Convenience: Customized storage solutions are essential for efficiently transporting mobility aids and personal belongings. Our fitouts include tailored storage options like shelving units, drawers, cargo barriers, and compartments. These solutions are crafted to organize and secure equipment, ensuring everything stays in place during travel. This can also include additional tracking to floors and walls to maximise space for security.

Accessibility Features for Inclusivity: We prioritize inclusivity by integrating accessibility features such as ramps, lifts, and modifications to facilitate wheelchair access. Our fitouts are meticulously designed to ensure smooth and hassle-free boarding and disembarking for all passengers. With built in hand/ grab rails this also provides reassurance when these are in operation.

Consultations for Personalized Solutions: Understanding that every individual’s mobility requirements are unique, we offer consultations with our experienced professionals. These consultations allow us to understand your specific needs, preferences, and any custom modifications you might require. Our goal is to provide personalized solutions that address your distinct mobility needs.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety: Rest assured, our fitouts comply with stringent safety standards and legal regulations concerning vehicle modifications for transporting mobility devices. We prioritize safety in every aspect of our customization options, ensuring a secure and compliant transportation experience.


At Auto Transform, our commitment is to provide comprehensive and tailored mobility fitouts that empower individuals with freedom, accessibility, and comfort. Our diverse customization options are geared towards crafting a transportation solution that perfectly aligns with your unique mobility needs.

Experience the difference of personalized mobility fitouts by Auto Transform and embark on a journey where accessibility meets convenience, safety, and comfort.

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