Why compromise? Choose traveling with style, comfort & safety!

What can a fitout do for you so that your passengers arrive relaxed and safely?

The answer is – a lot! Car manufacturers don’t have you in mind when they design and build their vans. They can’t. They need to settle on designs, materials, and features that serves their wide range of customers best. That means that they are compelled to compromise and lead with the best common denominator.

We at Auto Transform, on the other hand, have made it our business to have you, your customers, your business success, and your safety on our minds first.

We care about the differences that make you stand out in the market

If you are in the passenger transport business, then your van is a crucial differentiator. It makes you stand out in the market. Your van reflects your positioning and the value that your passengers experience when traveling with you. Your van creates expectations and perceptions. Your van represents your brand and delivers your brand experience. Your van is your best tool for word-of-mouth marketing, and we couldn’t express it better than with the words of Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

We at Autotransform strive to create fit-outs that deliver customer experiences that make people feel special, safe, relaxed, comfortable, and well looked-after. The only things that you need to add are a smooth ride and a service that reflects why you are in the passenger transport business

We care about the efficiency and profitability of your vehicle

Earlier we mentioned that car manufacturers have to compromise on design and materials and settle on the best common denominator.

We don’t! We use lightweight, high-quality materials for our fit-outs. Materials like our SMARTBOARD are not only lighter (so that you can transport more people rather than floorboards and side panels), they also don’t weigh on your conscience because they are produced from recycled plastic.

Apart from that, they are durable and look smart – especially because you can choose your interior colours! With Auto Transform fit-out, you also have a say about the floor plan. Accompanied by the advantage of lightness comes the ability to add extra seats while still being compliant with NZ COF configuration standards for passenger service. You can adjust the floor layout and spacing as needed which also increases the resale value (uniqueness adds exclusivity!). More seats make your vehicle more profitable because you can transport more passengers than a standard factory fit-out.

We care about the safety and comfort of your passengers

That means that we never compromise on safety. Our fit-out solutions are built with fully crash-tested mounting systems and approved by motor companies.

We offer a range of different seating options including seats with headrests, 3-point seat belts, iso fix brackets to support the correct installation of child seats, and overhead luggage racks. Above that, we pay attention to detail when it comes to passenger and driver comfort.

For driver comfort and safety, we also offer headset systems and rear-assist cameras.

For passenger safety and comfort, we offer a wide variety of features that create a special travel experience:

• Side steps, tilt base entry seats and entry/exit handles to make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle

• Good quality materials and parts for a luxury feel including infotainment features like sophisticated sound and PA systems, in-cabin wifi, rear seat entertainment, USB ports for charging phones…

• Window tints that keep the vehicle cooler, also add more privacy, and minimize distraction from flickering outside lights.

• LED interior lighting for each passenger seat to give passengers the choice to snooze or read

• Removable seats to reduce passenger numbers and increase storage space to ensure passenger legroom and comfort

• Flexible seating solutions that offer fold-down tray tables, cup holders, more legroom, a reversible 2nd row, ergonomic, quick-release, and leather seats to maximize the travel experience

• Climate control and air conditioning to ensure the optimal travel temperature regardless of outside weather conditions

We care about your needs

We want you to own a vehicle that optimally works for you and your passengers.

That also means that we consider ourselves to be creative advisors that work with existing regulations but give you as much freedom as possible.

And that starts before you even purchase your vehicle. We share our specialist knowledge with you and assist you in the decision-making process advising you on…

• What regulations to abide by and the type of licensing you need

• How flexible your seating configuration can be

• What kind of weight your vehicle can carry (including the optimal fit-out)

• The size and brand of the vehicle

And if you just want to explore and find inspiration – you are welcome to visit our premises and talk with our experts.

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