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Argus Fire Protection

An efficient mobile workspace to maximise daily productivity

  • Under-floor rear drawer
  • Side door shelving
  • Quality, professional shelving
  • 3 bar heavy duty streamline roof racks

An industry-specific fitout that utilised Auto Transform’s Elite storage systems to maximise load-carrying ability and technician efficiency.

To cater for Argus Fire’s need for a better-organised storage system, Auto Transform installed a slide out, under-floor drawer system with rubber mats and dividers. This system allows the service team to segregate their tools and equipment quickly and easily, while creating additional storage space. A simple, compact Elite storage system on either side of the vehicle was installed to allow for maximum storage and easy access to find tools. A 3 bar heavy-duty streamline roof rack was installed on the roof to allow larger items to be transported.

Auto Transform offers the best solutions & quality product making our vehicle fleet more efficient to work from. They provide exceptional service to Argus Fire Protection. We highly recommend them.
Bryce Donaldson, General Manager, Argus Fire Protection
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Auto transforms fire protection vehicle fitout is has all the materials and equipment to ensure the job is done right and safely.

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