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Hyster New Zealand

Standardised, Safe, High Quality Mobile Workspaces for their Mobile Service Technicians.

  • Transferable Modules for Evolving Fit-outs
  • High Standard of Workmanship
  • Excellent Service and Communication

We've helped Transform and Optimize the Hyster Fleet for over the last couple of years.


How did you find out about Auto Transform?

The team at Corfleet and Continental Cars as existing clients of Auto Transform and their specialised solutions in Van fitouts.

What were the challenges you had with your current product that AT was able to solve for you?

Reducing the weight of the service vans by providing more lightweight/ergonomic solutions for fitout of the vans, thus allowing the service technicians to carry more Oils/Equipment.

Were there any competing products that you considered when making your decision?

Not at all, Auto Transform were a trusted partner to accommodate the fitout requirements from day one.

What specific features and benefits do you like about the product/service that Auto Transform offer?

Useful shelving to accommodate tools of all shapes and sizes. Handy location in Wiri Auckland.

How did Auto Transform your life easier?

The team at AT were very accommodating post the first 6 of 23 Van handovers. Even after the initial handover, optimisation of the Van fitout still supported to continuously improve the setup for each technician and their specialised roles, making it comfortable and convenient for staff to support our end user, our customers.

Would you recommend our product/ service, and if so why?

Yes, we recommend AT to all service industries and those companies that have high utilisation of the van fleet and fit for business.

Are there any other comments you would like to add – is there anything you would like to see AT improve?

“This represents a significant investment in our network of mobile service technicians.  We are providing the best possible vehicle, specified and fitted out to equip our team to service customers across the country,” commented Scott Kelsey.

“Our products are designed for heavy duty usage and demanding operations across a wide range of industries. This investment in new fleet demonstrates Hyster’s commitment to keeping customer equipment running smoothly with maximum uptime.” – Scott Kelsey, General Manager Hyster NZ

"It assists us to do the best possible job we can for our customers when on site and it allows our techs to work in a really safe manner with up to date equipment".
Mike Rule, Hyster NZ
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