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Auto Transform understands that getting the brief right is important, we listen to your requirements to define the project to be sure we incorporate all your vehicle needs. We maximise your vehicles potential with our experience, 3D scanning and CAD design, ensuring plans will be 100% accurate and custom. Using globally sourced components, we are able to fitout your vehicle on site, transforming your vehicle in a shorter timeframe, on a budget

Having a one-stop-shop on site eliminates any issues that may arise, as there is constant communication. Through our testing and advanced quality control systems we provide peace of mind knowing that your vehicle or vehicle fleet is of the highest quality.

You can count on us

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  • Design
  • Project management
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Experience & Expertise

Auto Transform’s great track record gives your transformation project a clear advantage. We really know what we’re doing.

Since starting business in 1990, we’ve continuously evolved our vehicle transformation processes to ensure customers are more than satisfied with every outcome. We know which questions to ask and the protocols to follow. And we have the rules and regulations related to vehicle safety engraved on our hearts. When something changes in the industry landscape, you can trust that our people will rapidly get their heads around it.

As new knowledge and ideas enter our business, through contact with suppliers and trade shows, we ensure they’re effectively captured by our information systems. We also actively encourage our people to identify better ways to do things, so that ongoing improvement is embedded in our culture.

AutoTransform vehicle fitout capacity


Our Wiri facility was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate vehicle transformation destination.

At its western end, the Auto Transform facility contains our reception area, showroom, offices and staff communal spaces. The rest of the 3000m2 building is devoted to the precision processes of vehicle transformation and testing. On an average day, our fitout teams can transform up to 13 vehicles. Adjunct services, such as signwriting and automotive electrical work, are provided on the same site in a separate building.

Our ability to work on many vehicles at once ensures customers won’t have to wait weeks for their transformation. We have the fastest turnaround times in the New Zealand vehicle fitout industry and our ability to do everything on one site reduces the risk of transit damage to vehicles.

Our facilities

We’re proud to lead the vehicle transformation industry in New Zealand with our purpose-built 10,000m2 facility in Wiri.

Latest Technology

We’ve embraced the latest technology to ensure that superior designs are accurately executed in a time and cost-efficient way.


    Before we can design a fitout, we need to map the exact dimensions of the space we have to work with. We do this using a portable 3D scanner that delivers accurate, high resolution scans of vehicle interiors. Once we’ve mapped a particular model’s interior, we keep it on file to speed up future transformation projects. Our 3D scanner can also be used to map exterior vehicle panels.


    Our accomplished CAD designer can work from a sketch, ideas and 3D scans to develop a design that works for your vehicle. Every design is carefully filed, so that when we encounter similar jobs on the same vehicle model we can hit the ground running. Full renderings let you see the plans in a way that’s easy to understand.


    We have the capacity to transform large fleets of vehicles. These jobs are typically for rental operators, dealerships and corporations. Our capacity planning software lets us schedule vehicles for transformation in a way that speeds turnaround without compromising quality. When our facility is operating at full speed, up to 65 vehicles can be transformed in a week.


    In addition to importing proven components from global sources, we develop our own products for vehicle transformation. These are rigorously tested using our computerised crash testing rig, which simulates high speed impact. Our recent bonded floor system project passed crash testing with flying colours.

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