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A transformative fleet fit-out for Northpower

  • 150+ standardised fit-outs
  • Easy-to-transfer modules
  • Turnkey service
  • Increased safety
  • Optimised productivity
  • Maximised ROI

Fleet Manager Phil Bixley shares how Auto Transform has revolutionised Northpower's nationwide fleet through standardised, modular vehicle fit-outs.

When their previous fit-outs were no longer working for them, Northpower approached Auto Transform to revolutionise their fleet, maximising their team’s safety, efficiency, and ROI.

The modularity, standardisation and turnkey service that Auto Transform provides has resulted in a great customer experience and a strong long-term partnership with Northpower.

Check out the vehicle transformations below and see what Northpower Fleet Manager Phil Bixley has to say about his experience with Auto Transform.

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"The ute or the van arrives and basically everything can be done on site... Having a partner like Auto Transform really helps us out."
Phil Bixley, National Fleet Manager
What our client has to say

Phil Bixley, National Fleet Manager for Northpower speaks about how Auto Transform has helped their business.

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