Trade System Double Under-Floor Drawer

$6,129.50 inc. GST

Trade System Double Under-Floor Drawer

$6,129.50 inc. GST

  • The most functional heavy duty drawer system available
  • Changed from single way to dual way easily
  • Can be flat packed for efficient shipping
  • Offers the best return on investment through maximising utilisation, functionality, efficiency and safety over 10 years
  • Modular sizes and easy mounting to suit all work spaces in utes and vans

This space saving under-floor drawer unit is safe and secure, preventing theft and movement during transport.

Auto Transform’s new under-floor drawer unit is the most modular and flexible drawer system on the market, enabling the best return on investment. With a 300kg carrying capacity, the durable drawer unit saves you time and is a more efficient and space saving way to store your equipment.

Designed with a professional look to enhance your company’s image, Auto Transform’s under-floor sliding drawer provides an elite storage drawer option for your vehicle. It’s ideal for all trades carrying small to medium sized parts.

Available sizes

1000W x 1400D x 300H + 100H, 38kg
500W x 1700D x 300H + 100H, 28kg

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