Disk restraint

Disk restraint

  • Fast to increase you service
  • Safe and secure
  • Fully Certified to NZ Safety Standards
  • Lab belt integration
  • Crash tested

The wheelchair restraints we install ensure wheelchair users are completely secure during journeys.

We provide track-fitted restraints and disk restraints, depending on the vehicle and configuration involved. Both solutions include full over-shoulder seatbelt integration and easy slot-in, slow-out to simplify loading and unloading.
Fully certified to NZ Safety Standards, our wheelchair restraint systems range from 85kg to 200kg capacity to cater for a wide range of applications. These 4 point systems include a standard occupant lap belt and have the ability to integrate a 3 point retracting over-shoulder belt for greater safety assurance. Note: (3 point belts only available in suitable applications, i.e.: proximity to vehicle side wall and anchorages) Each 4 point restraint system is designed for a single wheelchair occupant. Quick lock install and release. Please specify your desired weight rating when ordering.

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