Is your fit-out electric vehicle compatible?

The future is electric, but traditional fit-outs can be heavy and inefficient. Auto Transform uses smarter design to ensure your fit-out is economical, transferable and built to last. It's future-proof investment.

How do I know if my fit-out would work on an electric vehicle?

Most commercial vehicle fit outs aren’t EV compatible, because of the materials used making them impractically heavy and the available space not being utilised effectively. The heavier a fit-out is, the less you can carry with your vehicle payload, and we all know that more weight requires more power to get along. Therefore, the vehicle is a lot less efficient.

When fit-outs using traditional designs are loaded up with gear, tools and stock for performing out in the field, with insufficient segregation, compartments and modularity, it is very easy to have items doubled up. This can quickly add to the weight (not to mention the cost) of holding too much stock and can reduce performance.

This, in addition to having a fit-out that isn’t fit for purpose, results in a very inefficient load that’s not compatible with an electric vehicle.

Smarter design is the key to becoming electric vehicle compatible.

Auto Transform works smarter so your vehicle doesn’t have to work harder. Our sustainable modular fit-outs are designed to increase your safety, maximise your productivity, and improve your return on investment.

What makes a fit-out electric vehicle compatible?

Lightweight and high strength

We all know that it’s hard to achieve the best of both worlds, however it is possible through utilising cut-through design technology. Auto Transform can help you with the Syncro system shelving and racking system, which is 30% lighter than traditional shelving, enabling you to carry all your tools and parts without exceeding any payload limits.

We also use stronger, lighter weight material such as 3mm Marine Grade Aluminium for core product groups such as service bodies and heavy-duty drawers. When designed in the right way with the right folds, this is a great way to reduce weight and keep the strength required for heavy duty usage.

We not only incorporate this for all our commercial products, but we also ensure that the componentry and mounting bracketry is mixed with high strength steel to increase its durability.

With these design elements we have been able to successfully carry out crash testing on our products to prove their ability to withstand anything the job might throw at them.


To reduce your load and optimise performance, it is critical to have a place for every tool and part in your fit-out. Various sizes and configurations allow you to stow all your tools safely and tidily, while leaving plenty of space for transporting cargo.

Modular plastic drawers and shelving for ute service body

Sustainable and a better ROI

Durable, transferable modules can be used for at least two vehicle lives (average 4 years) and can be swapped out at minimum cost if vehicle requirements change. All our industrial products and accessories can be used for at least 2 vehicle lives (8-10 years). This increases the sustainability of the units and reduces total cost of ownership significantly.


We don’t just ‘fit out’ vehicles, we fully transform them. With over 30 years of experience in the vehicle transformation process, we’ve gained valuable, in-depth experience guiding all our decisions and recommendations.

We work closely with our partners and listen carefully to understand the specific needs of their industry to ensure we provide them with the smartest vehicle transformations to help them enhance their performance.

We can work with any industry and any commercial vehicle type. Not only are we known for delivering standardised products that are modular and built to exact purpose for larger fit-out projects, but also for fully customised vehicle transformations to meet any client’s individual needs.

To find out what Auto Transform can do for you, get in touch with our team today.

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