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Auto Transforms Full Service Boxes

Made from 3mm aluminum this Auto Transform service body sits on an aluminum flat deck tray. It maximizes space and allows you to save on weight while transporting all your equipment. With its modular design, the options for customised fit outs and optimising your specific space are endless. We have box bodies for single, extra and double cab of all makes and models.

An innovative feature of our service boxes is the split side door. This can act as a work bench for your employees when they are on the road. For H&S it can fold down out of the was also.

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Central Locking
  • From one-off vehicles to full fleets
  • Single Handle Entry
  • Modular
  • Tough & Durable
  • End-to-end project management
  • Under-one-roof implementation for quick turnaround
  • Internal Shelving storage options
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Why choose our Service Boxes?


Lightweight Materials

For many of the transformations we execute, minimising curb weight is essential to ensure the vehicle can legally carry the necessary people, equipment and loads. This is achieved through our Aluminium design.

Proven products

The designs we create for customers are brought to life using products and components that we either source globally or make ourselves. All products are safety tested to New Zealand standards using advanced quality control systems to ensure integrity.

See before you buy

With 3D scanning and CAD technology we bring your fitout to life for approval before we start implementation. This approach allows us to optimise floor plans, storage space, passenger access and special requirements. Our ‘no surprises’ approach allows accurately costing and gives you peace of mind.
Turn Key

Turn Key Solution

We can manage every aspect of your vehicle transformation: vehicle collection, customisation design and planning, implementation, signage and delivery to your chosen location. If your vehicle requires something out of the ordinary, just ask and it will be done.


We are geared up for taking many vehicles at once. We pride ourselves on provide the ultimate fitout with a quick turnaround. We understand vehicles off the road is costing you!

Purpose-built facility

Our built-for-purpose facility in Wiri is run on lean management principles to ensure vehicles move through the transformation smoothly and efficiently. To reduce the risk of delays caused by stock run-outs, we recently added a warehouse for product storage.


Our Side Tool Boxes are fitted onto our modular flat deck; allowing you to transfer to a different vehicle easily. This is helpful as you can reduce your lease cost by using to the same equipment. We also have modular shelving you can fit into the boxes.

Quality assurance

Having our entire design and implementation process under one roof eliminates risks, as there is constant communication between the teams. Our advanced QA systems provide reassurance that your vehicle transformation project meets the highest quality standards.
The team at Auto Transform are a passionate bunch who aim to deliver to the highest possible standard on every job.
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Auto Transform is the industry leader in ute vehicle fitouts

Full Service Body Fitout

This is the ultimate Side Tool Box Fitout! This fitout comes with multiple storage units that are easily accessible, and plenty of additional items that makes working on the road more efficient, and enjoyable.

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Advanced technology

Advanced technology

We’ve embraced the latest technology to ensure client-approved designs are accurately executed in a time and cost-efficient way.

1. 3D scanner
Before design a fitout, we map the exact dimensions of the space we have to work with. We do this using a portable 3D scanner that delivers accurate, high resolution scans of vehicle interiors.
2. Computer-aided design (CAD)
An accomplished CAD designer will develop your design on-screen, informed by 3D scans, product knowledge and your requirements. This process allows you to see your vehicle transformation before it’s implemented.
3. Capacity planning system
Our capacity planning software allows us to accurately schedule vehicles for transformation, which speeds up turnaround time without compromising quality. When our facility is operating at full speed, we can transform up to 65 vehicles per week.
4. Product testing
In addition to importing proven components from global sources, we also develop our own products for vehicle transformation. These are fully tested using our in-house crash testing rig.

Expert project management

Project Management

We offer a full turnkey solution for vehicle transformation. This means you can skip the stress of managing different suppliers. From arranging signage and window tinting to GPS installation, we can organise everything.

Our dedicated customer service team will ensure your vehicle is ready on time. We have a designated contractor shed that allows all third-party contracts to complete additional work as the vehicle is undergoing its fitout. Not only does this save time, it eliminates additional transport costs and security risks.

If you have a preferred contractor, we can arrange a time for them to visit our site and complete their work. This will be coordinated at the appropriate stage of the fitout. During the fitout, you will be regularly informed of your vehicle’s status, so you know exactly what’s going on.

Project Management
High Capacity, Quick Turnaround

High Capacity

Our Wiri facility was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate vehicle transformation destination.

At its western end, the Auto Transform facility contains our reception area, showroom, offices and staff communal spaces. The rest of the 3000m2 building is devoted to the precision processes of vehicle transformation and testing. On an average month, our fitout teams can transform 250 vehicles. Adjunct services, such as signwriting and automotive electrical work, are provided on the same site in a separate building.

Our ability to work on many vehicles at once ensures customers won’t have to wait weeks for their transformation. We have the fastest turnaround times in the New Zealand vehicle fitout industry and our ability to do everything on one site reduces the risk of transit damage to vehicles.

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