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A detailed fitout that supports superior time management and productivity for Chubb’s busy mobile technicians

  • Top-end Syncro shelving systems
  • Underfloor slide-out drawers
  • Ceiling mount ladder storage system
  • Lightweight fitout to preserve loading capacity

Leaders in commercial and home security, Chubb’s technical team are on the go 24/7. An efficient van fitout helps to ensure every minute is productive.

Chubb’s good name depends on the responsiveness and efficiency of its technical support team, so a transformed-for-purpose vehicle fleet is essential.

To develop the ultimate technician van fitout, we consulted with Chubb’s security team to identify daily challenges and opportunities. The resulting configuration includes underfloor drawers, tool boxes, carry bins, cable holders, Jet Rack ladder storage, shelving, dividers and rubber mats. To preserve the vehicles’ load-carrying capacity, we specified Syncro shelving, which is lightweight but extremely robust.

Positive feedback from Chubb tells us we hit the nail on the head with this precision fitout project.

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This fitout allows easy access, fast flowing work and great results.

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