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Dräger New Zealand

Safe, standardised, ergonomic and innovative mobile workspaces for emergency service teams.

  • Maximising safety, productivity and ROI
  • High standard of workmanship
  • Transferable modules for evolving fitouts
  • Excellent service & communication

We've worked with Dräger for over 6 years, continually optimising their fleet and creating safer workspaces for their team.

Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, servicing major primary industries and emergency services – including the defence force.

Service Manager Doug Poole shares how we’ve made a difference to their business through our quality workmanship, innovation, strong focus on safety, and all-round excellent service.

What were the challenges you had with your current product that AutoTransform was able to solve for you?

“Modularity and safe ergonomic design. We needed a fit out that met our responsibilities as a PCBU – the mobile workshop is our employees workplace – we needed to ensure it was safe, standardised, ergonomic and innovative.

“We deliver onsite service to major primary industries and emergency services – including the defence force. We need to be able to work from our vehicles to perform repair, calibration and maintenance for portable equipment and specifically self-contained breathing apparatus.”

Were there any competing products that you considered when making your decision?

“No, not immediately. We have had a great previous experience with the modular shelving units, inverter, lighting, wiring and work benches installed in our vehicles. There really was no other options available, that we could see, which met the standard of workmanship, innovation and safety for our employees who work 100% of their day in the field across New Zealand.”

What specific features and benefits do you like about the product / service that Auto Transform offer?

“Innovation and safety to put it plainly. At design phase, the ability to listen to our needs and review our previous van layouts, improve them, adapt them to newer systems available was important to us. It allows us to stay ahead of the latest storage and mobile workshop offering in the market.

“At the fit out stage – updating us and feeding back progress was very important. Lastly AutoTransform work with the lease company on our behalf to accept delivery of the vehicles on a schedule and return them to the dealership for delivery/ collection. So end to end they have been easy to deal with.

“Draeger NZ Ltd value our relationship with AutoTransform, they are certainly a leader in the fit out market in New Zealand and should be considered when any business requires vehicle fit outs.”

"Auto Transform are certainly a leader in the fit-out market in New Zealand... End to end, they have been easy to deal with."
Doug Poole, Dräger New Zealand
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