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The additional Fit-Out carried out to the above by Auto Transform Ltd is covered by the following warranty:

5 year Conditional Warranty for fit outs and parts.

1 year Conditional Warranty for all seatbelts, electrical and hydraulic parts.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of products, accidental or malicious damage or incorrect fitting to a vehicle by any third party. For any queries regarding our warranty or our products please call us on (09) 580 0477 In the unlikely event that a Auto Transform product or service is the cause of a fault or failure in a motor vehicle, Auto Transform will cover the cost of the repair to the motor vehicle, always subject to the following terms and conditions.

No Warranty Products: There is no warranty on Canvas products, including tonneau covers on trucks and utes.

Repair cost covers only labour and parts required to restore the vehicle to original condition before the breakdown/ failure occurred. It does not cover secondary items such as hire vehicles, loss of time/income etc.

In the unlikely case of failure to non Auto Transform components or services, testing by an independent qualified authority will be required to prove that the Auto Transform product or service did in fact cause the failure. If liable Auto Transform will cover these costs only after Auto Transform authorisation
Proof of original purchase must accompany any claim (i.e. warranty and warranty extension is only available to the original purchaser of the Auto Transform product or service.)

The Auto Transform component or service must be fully manufactured and/or supplied by Auto Transform, without modification of any type and be correctly fitted according to its application and fitting instructions. This warranty does not replace factory warranty nor does it replace normal insurance. Any claim must go through normal factory/insurance claim procedures first and proof of this may be required.

If you do not understand the above terms, please ask for clarification.

Auto Transform Canopy Warranty Information
Auto Transform warrants to the original purchaser, subject to the terms and conditions herein for a period of 3 years from the original date of purchase for Auto Transform fibreglass products only. Hardware, gas struts, gaskets, accessories etc. are warranted for 12 months. Auto Transform undertakes to repair, or at our option, replace without cost to the owner either for materials or labour, any product which is found to be defective within the warranty period.

Auto Transform Canopy Warranty Procedure
Any defect must be reported to Auto Transform or its authorized dealer from where it was purchased immediately after discovery and within the warranty period and the product / your vehicle must be made available at Auto Transform in Auckland or the dealer’s place of business as soon as practical. This warranty will not extend to consequential loss or damage to either person or property or expenses such as (but not limited to) freight / delivery expenses of the canopy / vehicle, hire or loss or use, charges, tolls and travelling expenses.
Auto Transform Canopy Service and Maintenance Recommendations

The following items need to be attended to on a regular basis. Extra frequent service is required in off-road conditions.

  1. Check mounting bolts always remain tight
  2. Lubricate lock and key recess on rear and side doors
  3. Do not use Abrasive compounds for polishing surfaces of painted products: use only high quality automotive polish if need.

Warranty does not apply to any product / component failure or defect caused by:

  • Abnormal or extreme off-road usage
  • Accidental, Abuse or Malicious damage
  • Glass breakage in any position is not covered by warranty
  • Removal or defacing of the product serial number
  • Lack of regular servicing as stated on the maintenance list
  • A plastic Ute Liner in some utility vehicles can cause paintwork marking
  • Driving with a canopy window or rear door in an open position
  • Negligence or Misuse
  • Repossession under financing agreement
  • Modification to the product or its components.
  • Paint finish —While every effort is made to ensure an accurate colour match to the vehicle sometimes a perfect match cannot be achieved. We therefore cannot promise a perfect colour match every time.
  • Although Auto Transform take every possible measure to prevent water and dust from entering the cargo area, we cannot be held accountable for holes and gaps in your factory well side tray and tail gate.

Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA):
Please note that if the goods that are being used for commercial or business purposes then you are in full agreement that you or the business you are purchasing for, the buyer agree that the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) will not apply.

Warranty Approval process

Any warranty claims must be reviewed and approved by Auto Transform in written form before any solution will be provided to you through the claim form.


  • On approval within the warranty time period all parts costs are covered by Auto Transform.

Mobile Fitting Service

  • If mobile labour for installation at the customer’s site is required this will be charged out on the time taken and all travel costs. An order number is required for the account holder or cash sale payment in full on completion is required.

Parts and Labour at Auto Transform

  • If a vehicle with a fault and warranty approval is returned to the Auto Transform production site by the customer at the customer’s cost within the warranty time period all parts costs and labour costs are covered by Auto Transform.
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