VIP 5020 Luxury

VIP 5020 Luxury

  • Leather covered
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Safe and secure
  • Lightweight
  • Extra wide for increased comfort (600mm)
  • Reclining backrest

Arrive at your destination feeling safe, relaxed and refreshed.

Ideal for luxury mini-coaches and taxi-vans, the VIP 5020 Luxury is ergonomically designed to provide exceptional comfort for discerning passengers. It has a 500mm seat, high back, and tray table and can be reclined. Integrated over-shoulder seatbelts are easy to deploy. Overall weight has been minimised to reduce fuel costs. The leather covered faces and durable plastic backing covered material are long lasting and easy to clean. Safety is assured as it is certified to New Zealand Safety Standards with its seatbelt configuration. The flexible seat configurations allow for increased space for cargo. It comes with a 3-year warranty for your piece of mind.

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