Auto Transform is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Lodgesons hand controls in New Zealand. It’s easy to see why Lodgesons are the market leaders in mobility hand controls. With their choice of soft touch ergonomically designed grips, they not only improve your ability to drive but also you will feel comfortable, relaxed and safe while doing so.

With its one touch button, users are able to activate important functions required when driving with one hand. Users are able to activate many functions such as the horn, indicators, lights, windscreen wipers at the touch of a button; eliminating the obstacles when driving.

Lodgesons hand controls give installers a wide range of choice when fitting their hand controls in their vehicles. All Lodgeson hand controls are guaranteed for three years having been manufactured to the highest standards meeting worldwide regulatory standards including BSEN ISO 9001:2008, and EMC. Giving you peace of mind know that you are getting a top quality product from a trusted company. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Key Features:
– Indicators
– Lights dip/main & flash
– Horn
– Hazards
– Illumination for night-time use
– Front wipers
– 3 speeds
– Front washers
– Rear wash & wipe
– Sidelights on/off
– Headlights on/off
– Front and rear fog lights
– Two spare functions
* Not available for all hand control models, check for vehicle availability

“The Lodgesons R200 range offers an unrivalled quality of product combined with good technical support. This is why we choose to offer the Lodgesons wireless keypad controls on our installations.” Jess Gosling Hand Controls


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