Meet Yana, Our New Sales Account Manager

Yana has been at Auto Transform since July and works closely with clients to manage and deliver projects.

What’s your previous experience?

I have worked in many different roles in my career. I hold a culinary degree and initially started my career as a chef.  My last position was a weighbridge operator at Sims Pacific Metal. At a high level, my work involved reducing company costs, managing inventory and improving administrative processes to save the company time and money. I worked with multiple maintenance projects and have acquired and solid amount of knowledge regarding cars, cranes, shredders and other machinery.

How long have you been with Auto Transform?

I have just recently joined this wonderful team and have been working with them since July.

What is your position at Auto Transform and what does a day in the life look like?

I am an Account Manager at Auto Transform. Day to day I work closely with my clients to manage and deliver projects. This involves understanding clients’ requirements and continuously communicating them to our design and production teams until all parties are happy.

What do you most enjoy… in work and outside of work?

I take pride in being able to work with a variety of clients and dealing with the many requirements that are provided to me. My enjoyment in work comes the challenges I am allowed to tackle and learn from and seeing a positive outcome in the form of happy clients.

Outside of work I enjoy ballroom dancing and have previously taken part in it professionally. I am also a fan of winter sports such as snowboarding, as well as the usual catch up with my dear friends.

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