Our new facility

Associate Minister of Transport Craig Foss officially opened our new 10,000m2 facility in April 2014. This was an exciting time for Auto Transform as it was the change in environment we needed to maintain our stronghold on the competition.

The new building brought upgraded technology, which has allowed us to increase our production levels significantly. We now have the capacity to transform over 250 vehicles per month. With this increase in production we were able to create more job in our production and sales team.

With the increased production levels caused by our upgraded technology, we were delighted to employ more local workers to meet our demand levels. It is very important for us to employ within the community as it allows us to fully engage with all different cultures and backgrounds; this allows for a smarter and more diverse workforce.

The increase in production has allowed us to gain a lot more exposure in the market. With an increased number of transformed vehicles, and satisfied customers we are able to capture more companies as they know that will receive an outstanding vehicle transformation from us.

Our vehicles are moving advertisements for potential customers; it is important that we let our vehicles do the selling for us. We have achieved this through our upgraded technology, superior staff members and increase in variety of production.

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