Questions Every Tradie Should Ask Before Getting a Vehicle Fitout

Versatility, safety, functionality & capacity are details you need clarity on before committing to a vehicle fitout that optimally works for you

Henry Ford started production of the Ford Model T in 1908, everything was geared towards mass-producing a universal car and creating a vehicle that was affordable, simple to operate, and durable.

Until Henry Ford disrupted the car industry by moving from total customisation to mass production, motor vehicles were outside the (financial) reach of the common man and tradespeople.

Today Auto Transform is

combining the best of both worlds: standard vehicles enhanced by a customisation that meets your specific needs using a broad range of modular components that are produced with the highest quality and functionality standards.

And this leaves you with a range of options that Auto Transform will help you to evaluate so that we can design and build the optimal vehicle fitout for you.

In our recent article “Ute vs Truck – Choosing the right vehicle for the job”

we already shared information that helps you choose the right type of vehicle for your business. In this article, we dive deeper into the details that give you more clarity about the perfect fitout for your vehicle.

Question #1 – What kind of fitout can I get for my vehicle and my budget?

We would like to counter that with a question that helps us set the direction we are going and design your optimal fitout for your vehicle:

If you could wave a magic wand – what kind of fitout would you get? Be as specific and creative as possible!

Only then do we talk about what you can do with your budget and the vehicle that you are planning to fit out.

And we openly share our experience, ideas, and creativity to offer you a range of solutions that match or even exceed your expectations.

There are multiple solutions available for any vehicle type and even if you are bound to one vehicle type at the moment, Auto Transform fitouts can easily be transferred to a different vehicle at a later point in time.

In fact, our fitouts are an investment because they are guaranteed to outlast at least two vehicle lives (an average of 4 years for one vehicle life).

More about the 6 steps that we take to elevate an Auto Transform fitout from a business expense into a profitable investment in this article:

6 Steps that elevate Auto Transform Fitouts from a Business Expense to a profitable Investment

To answer this first question – we challenge you to brainstorm your ideal fitout and then talk to our experts to see what’s possible for you.

Question #2 – What determines the storage space of my fitout?

There are three main factors that determine your fitout’s storage space:

• Your industry
• Your type or size of car
• Your personal needs

Whether you are a plumber, electrician, construction or solar panel specialist – or maybe a veterinarian – different industries have different requirements for tools, equipment or stock.

Whether you need a mobile workbench or transport large glass panels…

Whether you complete multiple smaller jobs or big projects…

Whether you use your vehicle exclusively for your business or need it to fit in all your camping gear…

Whether you need to safely store hazardous items or lock up valuable tools…

Auto Transform helps you define the optimal storage space that you need to run your business effectively.

For us, it is important to design a fitout that supports you to be organised and efficient. We help you to optimise your storage space so that you…

• Need the smallest number of trips back to base
• Keep your light commercial vehicle under its weight limit
• Have sufficient towing capability
• Are organised and have all your tools and supplies at hand without losing time or “going shopping”

And lastly, we either work with the vehicle you have or advise you on the optimal vehicle for your purposes and needs.

Bigger is not always better – and in case you’re changing the type or size of the vehicle you are using, then you don’t need to say goodbye to your fitout because Auto Transform fitouts are easily transferred from one vehicle to another.

Question #3 – How do I decide between a trade system and a storage system?

Let’s get clear on the differences between trade and storage systems:

A storage system focuses on the safekeeping and storing of hazardous and valuable items.

A trade system ensures that your vehicle functions better as a tool of trade through better utilisation of space through simple organisation.

Safekeeping vs functionality focus.

But, of course, we can also design a hybrid system for you that combines safe storage with easy access during work. Our modular systems are highly compatible and we ensure that we help you select the right shelving and bin system, adding storage elements as needed.

You see – you don’t necessarily need to decide between a trade and a storage system!

Question #4 – How does an Auto Transform fitout help me to be well organised and never miss tools or spare parts on the job?

We can’t give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll never miss any tools or spare parts on the job – because we can only build you a fitout that has the capabilities to hold all your tools and spare parts.

Keeping your tools organised and your fitout well stocked is down to you.

However, you will find our systems easy to stock and organise.

We believe that one size doesn’t fit all but we have developed some pretty awesome standard designs that combine decades of experience and knowledge and that need only minimal modification.

We want you to be able to save time through organisation, optimised workflows and processes, stock management, optimised loading space, and functionality.

Auto Transform fitouts are built to help you to be well organised so that you never miss tools or spare parts on the job. It’s up to you to make that happen.

After all, your vehicle leaves an impression and is a solid reflection of your brand – besides offering you an amazing space for advertising and visual branding.

What else could you want from a fitout?

Question #5 – How does an Auto Transform fitout make my journey safer, more enjoyable, and keep my tools safe?

We have heavily invested in your safety. That’s why all Auto Transform equipment is crash tested and certified. Passenger and load safety is a priority.

No fitout is leaving our workshop without being thoroughly quality checked and certified where needed.

But we haven’t sacrificed function over form…

Your fitout is not only beautifully designed, it is also functionally optimised. We are only using high-quality and lightweight materials so that Auto Transform fitouts are more durable and allow you to carry more load than other available fitouts.

Our storage systems are lockable and loads can be optimally secured so that you and your team can travel safely and comfortably without rattling and tools escaping their designated storage space.

In conclusion…

At Auto Transform we proudly call ourselves “Transformers” because we want to transform lives through our fitouts.

We have come a long way since the Ford Model T and we offer our customers much more than a plain fitout.

We listen, imagine, and build fitouts that transform the way you work!

And should you have additional questions, then send us a message or book an appointment with one of our experts!

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