Transform your Ute into a Ute-ful Ute!

The reason the utility vehicle is so popular is because of its versatility, and yet so many utes are not set up to their fullest potential.

They could perform their roles so much better with some smart transformations. For the savvy fleet manager or the CFO looking to ‘sweat the asset,’ maximising the productivity of the ute is something to pay attention to, and this is where Auto Transform comes in.

Auto Transform has an extraordinary catalogue of ute fitment accessories which truly should be seen to be believed and – while you’re looking at that, consider that Auto Transform carries an equally comprehensive array of OEM-approved aftermarket equipment for vans and mobility vehicles.

Given Auto Transform’s over 30 years’ expertise in the fitment and development of professional fitout equipment and quality accessories, the team which helps you move smarter is the right team to talk to about transforming your fleet full of utes into a uteful fleet.

This of course, has numerous advantages when it comes to increased efficiency, improved productivity and a better return on investment than the ute would be on its own.

And if you were thinking that putting a canopy on a ute is the answer to increased productivity, you’re off to a good start, but the Auto Transform team will help you take things that much further.

Auto Transform offers guidance based on solid experience and expertise. Ute makers build their product with the expectation that end users will customise the vehicle to suit their application.

Knowing this, Auto Transform has made it so easy to ensure your utes are working as well as they can for your business, compiling a selection of fit-out solutions ranging from the simple fitting of non-slip deck protection right through to fully kitted out canopies with sliding drawer solutions.

With six configurations available, Auto Transform’s Dynamic Pro canopy solutions can add extra flooring, secure side access shelving, split or single sliding drawers, roof-mounted storage, spot and beacon light systems.

Each canopy design is specific to individual industries – though they are easily adaptable, with interchangeable elements to suit customer requirements. Perhaps your business requires a more sophisticated and heavy-duty vehicle storage solution? In this case, Auto Transform would recommend a service body.

Light, but strong, durable and secure, Auto Transform has 13 off-the-shelf service body designs, many of which are already tailormade to specific roles.

Customisation is Auto Transform’s stockin-trade and, with the quality range of fitout components available, the sky’s the limit when it comes to tailormade requirements.
“For busy Fleet managers who are unhappy with a disorganised fleet, we specialise in transforming your fleet to make it super easy to manage,” says Sales director Joshua Stanners. “We provide product, systems and experience unlike other fit-out providers to reduce overall fleet costs and help our clients move smarter.”

Clients who have worked with Auto Transform will know first-hand how professional and committed the team is when it comes to helping businesses move smarter.

Those who are looking for a fitout solutions provider with a solid reputation for being able to build efficiency into vehicle fleets should act now.

Stop wondering why jobs take so long, why tools and essential items go missing and why the vehicles look a little scruffy or suffer from damaged bodywork and call Auto Transform to make your fleet vehicles move smarter, perform better and improve your organisation’s profitability.

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