What’s the real cost of a vehicle fitout?

Buying a new vehicle is a life-changing decision and we want you to make an informed decision. Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable commercial vehicle cost information, to help you budget your finances better, so you can make an informed decision.

It is an ever-changing scene in the commercial vehicle market and hence, is very important to keep up with the innovation and technology moving into the future. However, there are essential deliverables to make it happen and keep costs under control that don’t change that are listed below.

Any fleet manager will tell you that the following five will help you form your purchasing decision and creates a great comparison matrix.

The Five most important factors to consider when researching the cost of a fitout:

• The initial purchase price of the total vehicle and fitout investment

• The total cost of ownership over the asset lifetime

• The return on Investment through efficiency

• The time from the purchase decision to complete turn-key delivery ready for work – the cost of lost production

• The overall weight (GVM) of the fit-out

PRICE GUIDE: The initial purchase price of the investment

To fitout a commercial vehicle has a wide range of prices. As a guide, it all depends on the vehicle make you are purchasing, and the extent of fitouts required. Are you looking for basic fitouts or is it specialised? For instance, our Faultsman fitout range from Faultsman 1 to Faultsman 3, giving you the option to choose between the extent of items required and hence will dictate your fitout investment.

The return on Investment through efficiency

A commercial vehicle is a trade tool and gives a return on investment. The investment into a fitout can range from $8000.00NZD to $150,000.00NZD depending on the complexity of the products and technology going into the vehicle.

The total cost of ownership over the asset lifetime

We care about your costs and we understand how important it is for you to forecast and keep these under control. More than ever, we recognize that vehicle running costs can be a major factor to your bottom line. At Auto Transform, you can expect two-vehicle cycles (4 Years) from the equipment with a quality fit-out and investment into the right gear. This brings the total cost of ownership over the asset’s lifetime to extreme value.

The return on Investment through efficiency

At Auto Transform, we guarantee to provide you the most return on investment per square meter of fit-out space. This value is provided through our “Move Smarter” modular design, having everything in its place and accessible when needed, saving time and energy to find what you need to complete the task.

The overall weight (GVM) of the fit-out

With different vehicle models and a wide range of wheelbase and GVM options, the fit-out’s overall weight (GVM) can make or break the running cost and your carbon sustainability contribution. It is essential to consider the vehicle’s capacity and not overload it. This requires more energy and consumables to get the needed distance.

To help you move smarter and get the best out of every day, we have designed and engineered a fitout service that provides you with the best and safest solutions available nationwide. And it is our privilege to have your trust to provide you with a fitout that transforms your vehicle into a business investment that works hard for you every time you hit the road to serve your customers

If you need more details and want to talk with us about your vehicle’s fitout – contact us and our team is there for you to answer your questions and show you what’s possible!

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