Where are we in the Process?

How experience, know-how, processes, and high-end materials turn your expenses into a smart investment.

Discovery Phase – Going beyond your imagination:

Utility vehicles are never bought on a whim. They are bought after a process of research and deliberation. When you come to us with ideas and requirements, we work with you to plan a vehicle fitout that goes beyond what you imagined. We dedicate our decades of experience to plan a fitout that is not only innovative but also exceeds your expectations. Visiting our site, you can discover the possibilities that our modular design approach can create for you. We help you plan a fitout that can earn revenue for you for many years. At the end of the discovery phase, you receive a proposal with drawings that contain all the details that you specified and give you an opportunity to modify and adjust the design.  Once you accept our proposal, we enter the Pre-work Phase.

Pre-work Phase – Preparing for launch:

During the pre-work phase our team schedules all fitout activities, arranges vehicle logistics, orders required parts, and arranges the delivery of your vehicle to our workshop. We don’t like to leave any activities to chance, compromise on material quality or time for attention to detail. We make sure that your vehicle’s fitout progresses smoothly and according to plan.

Fitout Phase 1 – Engineering, Lining & Assembly:

Whether your vehicle needs compliance certification or not – our engineers provide a structural solution that meets the highest standards. And by the way – AutoTransform is the only company in New Zealand that delivers products that are crash tested. That provides our customers with increased protection for drivers and passengers in case of an accident. We want our customers to have the confidence that they are getting a solution that offers them reliability and peace of mind. But above safety we also pay attention to aesthetics. We use aesthetically pleasing, high-quality materials for the lining of the fitout to create a barrier that protects the vehicle, its goods, and passengers. During the assembly phase, we invite our customers to visit our workshop and see the layout turning into reality, witness the progress.  After all, we want you to have the best experience even before your fitout is finalised.

Fitout Phase 2 – GPS Installation, Signage & Quality Control:

During this phase – if required – we install the GPS system so that you can track and monitor the movement of your vehicles. And because your vehicle visually represents your business, we take care to apply your brand’s signage to create a professional look that works for you like a mobile billboard that attracts attention wherever you go. But we never forget what really makes the difference and run your vehicle through a thorough and final quality control to ensure that your vehicle fitout meets all quality standards. At this point, we also ensure that everything meets your requirements and if your vehicle is part of a fleet, that every vehicle meets the same standard so that different drivers can efficiently operate the different fleet vehicles.

Fitout Phase 3 – Certification:

If required, we ensure that your fitout meets certification standards under LVV or LT400, so that it can be registered, and COF can be supplied. Your vehicle has met all requirements for safety!

Fitout Phase 4 – Photographic documentation:

Before we deliver your vehicle we create a photo archive that contains engineering and final fitout photos that you receive pre delivery. All photos will be uploaded and made accessible to you. For passenger vehicles, we also make the photos accessible to the Certifier for check-up and LVV upload. Once complete, your vehicle is delivered back the dealer for a pre-delivery check.

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