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Case Study - Pest Control

The Brief

This Pest Control company required a custom fitout that included a great quality custom made shelving and racking system to withstand heavy use. The shelving needed to produce an efficient workspace that separated all equipment in a well-organised manner. This vehicle is an extension of their brand name, they needed it to be of the highest quality.

The Solution

Auto Transform were able to exceed all requirements by installing a full length and full height double sided custom made shelving systems to suit bulky sanitary equipment. A rear sliding platform system was added for increased storage and efficiency; it also made for a great workspace. A quality steel frame with plywood linings and rear vehicle plywood linings were installed. For increased driver and passenger safety, a sealed bulkhead barrier was installed for protection from moving objects in the rear and any pest gasses. A waterproofing spray lining was added in the rear floor area incase any fluids were spilled.


  • Rear sliding platform system
  • Side door shelving
  • New under-floor drawers
  • Quality steel framing with plywood linings
  • Sealed bulkhead barrier protection
  • Waterproof spray lining
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