Why should I choose a Service Body?

Are you losing time looking for tools and equipment? Do you never have enough space for what you carry? Is your vehicle getting too heavy? Do you have tools stolen? If this sounds like you, there is a fix…

Organisation can be a problem with most vehicle fit outs, even ones that have drawers and shelves in them. If storage space isn’t planned effectively using the right solutions, you can end up causing yourself more frustration on the job by jumbling up more gear, piling it up on shelves or in drawers.

The fewer items you can find efficiently, the more you end up carrying and losing amongst all the other items. This downward spiral can quickly get on top of you, adding stress you don’t need in your already busy life.

The fact is, as a tradesman, a specialist, a professional or technician, we all lead extremely busy lives. Time is money, and we must be efficient in our jobs, otherwise we don’t pay our way. We get so busy we don’t have the time to ensure every item is placed back correctly, and if we have to climb in and out of a van this can be even more tiresome. We don’t have time to spend searching for the specific tool we need for a task to find that it is not there, and have to go out and buy one or go back to base to retrieve. When you add these inefficiencies up from 5 – 10 times per day, 5 – 6 days per week, 50 weeks a year, you have a very expensive problem.

The good news is that you can increase efficiency through better compartmentalised storage, better accessibility, less downtime through having enough space for what you need, and complete security. Not to mention – better return on investment. The answer is in two words – Service Bodies.

The Auto Transform Service Body will increase your:

Crash Testing and Security Features

  • The only crash tested product in NZ
  • Surety of increased safety and protection for your drivers in case of an accident
  • Peace of mind that your tools are well secured
  • Tools in drawers are fully secure and will not fly around the vehicle
  • Full integrated central locking on service body, ensuring your expensive gear is completely secure on and off site with one push of your lock button on your key FOB
  • Alarm sensors integrated into each door
  • Doors are flush with side pillars making them harder to pry open

Smart Design

  • Professional storage system ensures a place for every part, maximising your efficiency
  • Proven to save you a minimum of 30mins a day x 5 days p/wk = 2.5hrs p/wk x 50 weeks p/yr = 125h p/year x$60 p/hr = $7500 p/yr – Watch the video to demonstrate this….
  • Split door unit increases interior storage capacity while allowing for a work bench area maximising efficiency on the job
  • Accessibility is also maximised with the 2 large side doors and rear door, increasing easy access to tools and equipment in arms reach without having to climb in and out of a van or canopy.

Return on Investment
Quality & Durability

  • Having the strongest, most light weight product modules ensures maximum durability
  • High-quality crash tested modules – ensures use for at least 2 vehicle lives (average 4 years per lifetime)
  • Maximises the utilisation of your vehicle fit outs
  • Being modular, you can swap modules out for other modules if the role changes for that vehicle at minimum cost

Auto Transform service bodies, like all our products, are modular, giving you a range of different sizes to best suit your needs to fit either a Ute or a light Truck build.

We’ve got you covered!

The open floor platform gives you a fantastic opportunity to build your optimal bespoke working space with our modular shelving and drawer systems. Don’t waste any more time looking for tools or lacking the space you require to maximise your working efficiency.

Call our team of experts and we can help you transform your workspace today.

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